10 First Black Females

Photo credit: pbs.org
Before Women’s history month is over, we could not be a womanhood blog if we did not acknowledge our month in some way. I decided to do so by highlighting these 1o women who paved the way for us somehow. Many of these women faced huge obstacles but persevered to complete the tasks they were destined to. They realized their natural talents, allowed them to grow, and blessed many people as a result. For that, we thank you.

1. Shirley Chisholm

She is the first black US congresswoman.










2. Misty Copeland

She is the first black ballerina appointed as a principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre.









3. Ruby Bridges

First black student to integrate public schools in the south.










4. Ibtihaj Muhammad

She is the first muslim woman to win an olympic medal all while wearing her hijab.








5. Alexa Canady

She is the first African American Neurosurgeon in the United States.



6. Florence Beatrice

She was a phenomenal pianist and the first black woman to have a major symphony play her work.

7. Jane Bolin

First black female judge in the United States

8. Clara Brown

She is known to be the first black female philanthropist.








9. Marian Anderson

First African American who sang with New York Metropolitan Opera



10. Aretha Franklin

Winner of 18 grammy awards, she is the first female to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame


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