Beauty Speaks Music Lesson


India.Arie is a grammy winning singer, songwriter, and producer. Her song titled “video” consists of the most realest lyrics everyone should dive into. The song reveals the realization that she had come to which is to love yourself and learn to love the things that you don’t like about your appearance. Many people over look this topic but it is crucial to love yourself and to know yourself. India reminds us all that we don’t have to look like what is depicted in the media to be beautiful. We don’t have to run to the knife or botox. It’s much less emotionally draining and expensive to learn to love yourself the way that you are. It’s also free to focus on making sure the person you are on the inside is beautiful. Who wants to love someone who doesn’t even love themselves? Do not allow the media to tell you that you are not beautiful unless your lips are bigger then what they are, or because your clothes aren’t trendy, or because you don’t wear makeup. Develop your own standards when it comes to your physical appearance as well as who you are.

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