Disposable Sanitary Napkins Might Be Killing Women

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What are the common things you have learned when it comes to menstrual pads and tampons? That you should change them every few hours? That they will “protect” you always and will prevent leaking? I find it interesting that most companies who sell disposable pads and tampons market themselves to seem trustworthy and yet they barely report the ingredients in the sanitary napkins they sell. Why is that? Partly because legally they don’t have to and also because they don’t want you to know. Most of the ingredients in well known sanitary napkin brands are extremely toxic to the health of the women who wear them every month.

There is a number of chemicals in many disposable sanitary napkins that should not go anywhere near your vagina like cellulose, plastic, ascorbic acid, citric acid, dioxins, pesticide residues and so much more according to lunapads.com. These toxic chemicals can cause cramps, nausea and vomiting. According to U.S. environmental protection, dioxin is one of the leading causes of cancer. Also, using plastic to make pads will not allow air to flow through freely. These pads also have synthetic dye in them and that is not something you should put anywhere near your vagina. These pads can also cause allergic rash, hormone disruption, and reproductive harm.

Also, disposable pads do not use cotton as an absorbent and cotton is twice as absorbent as the chemical they use. This will make you feel as if you need to change your pad very often for fear of leakage but if they used cotton this would not be such a huge fear.

Another problem with most sanitary napkin companies is that the sanitary napkin packaging is not safe. In hospitals everything is sealed that way they remain clean and safe to use. Most sanitary napkins are not completely sealed allowing all types of bacteria and other harmful things to come onto the pad before using it.

What to Look for When Buying Pads in the Future

  • Do not buy pads that are not completely sealed
  • Do not buy pads from companies who are not being transparent about what products are in their pads
  • Buy pads and tampons that are made with 100% cotton
  • You can even buy reusable pads

I have been using a brand of pads called L Pads. I bought a bag of 42 pads for $6 at target. Luna is another company that sells sanitary napkins that are healthy for our vaginas. The pads are 100% cotton. They are really comfortable and really absorbent. Also, they are not much more expensive than disposable name brands.

I think we all should think deeply about what we put on near our vaginas especially if we are using products that are harmful to our health. Beauties, I highly recommend you make the switch to a healthier sanitary napkin brand. And if you are a beauty who already has, then great job and tell another beauty and help her out. Also, for any men who may be reading this please tell any female you may know who has not made the switch. I hope this was helpful.


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