Encounter with the Cashier

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The other day I walked into the store to get a few things for my dorm. I didn’t have much money because, you know, I’m living that broke college student life. I only grabbed a thing of Pringles, Nutri-grain bars and ginger ale to drink. When I went to the counter to pay, I dropped the items I wanted to purchase but dropped them as if I was letting go of an entire load. No, I wasn’t backed up or anything, and the three items I was holding were not heavy at all, but I felt heavy. My heart felt as if someone had tied a box of bricks to it. But what was bothering me, even more, was the fact that I had no idea what I was feeling. Isn’t that the worst! To have a feeling roaming inside of you and not be able to describe it is like having a house guest who won’t tell you who they are.

After putting all my items on the counter, I said hello to the woman behind the register. I took one look at her and noticed something wasn’t right.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“No,” she said miserably, “I’m not.”

Before I could ask her what is wrong, she instantly began telling me about what was going on in her life right now. She was going through a divorce after all she did was try to love her husband as best as she could. Also, her daughter was diagnosed with Autism that same week. She clearly looked like she was hurting and I am incapable of not showing love to someone who is hurting, so I walked around the counter and gave her a big hug. A voice in my head was telling me to pray for her, and I did. I asked God to give her peace and to remind her that he always has her in his hands. I told her that God would never leave you lonely.

Now I had no idea if this woman knew God, all I know is that I wanted to give her not only a listening ear but also support. And there is no better support than the kind that comes from up above. After I was done praying for her, she said: “Thank you, I really needed that.”

After leaving the store, I realised that the heaviness on my heart was gone. It was replaced with joy and confidence. Not joy for me, but joy for the woman who was smiling when I left the store rather than being close to tears. My mood changed simply because I helped someone else’s mood change. That feeling was awesome, and I completely forgot that something was bothering me earlier.

Doing good things is simply… well… good. And good deeds just spread light to everyone involved and not only the receiver. I honestly can’t wait until my next good deed.

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