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I Don’t Wish to be Ms. Lonely

  How many of us have bared the title of Ms. Lonely because of a bad breakup or because you simply haven’t found the right one. And day in and day you wonder who will be the next one. You wonder who will fill the void in your life, so you spend your entire time of single life searching for love. Way to cheat yourself!
Now I’m not saying that you have to wait 5 years before dating again but while your single, you have been granted time to focus on the person who should be the most important to you– yourself, but instead you decide to put your attention into looking for someone else. Do you even know what focusing on yourself means? It means taking time to get to know yourself more, reflect on your last relationship and see what you have learned from it, set future goals for yourself that does not revolve around finding a new love, take time to do things that you like, or try something new. There are sooo0oo0o many more things that you can do while single. Just google it after reading this.
Now, if I made it seem like being lonely is easy then I apologize. I have been lonely too, and I know it sucks and can have you feeling so down about yourself. Feeling lonely can make you question your looks, question how other people perceive you, and it makes you feel like something must be wrong with you since no one wants you. But has it ever occurred to you that maybe it just isn’t time for you to be in love with someone besides yourself right now? Well trust me when I say that I finally have and it feels great!
One day I really asked myself, why can’t I be with myself? And I realized that I love myself and who I am becoming. If I have been granted time to be with me then, from now on, I’m going to take it and when life decides to throw love my way then, if it feels right, I’m going to accept the love.
Love will always come. It will come to you whether you are 5 years old on the playground or 45 years old after your spouse died. Think of the last relationship you have had with someone you had feelings for. Now think of how much your relationship grew over time. Now try to think back to how your life was without that person. Did you have any idea that you would have been in a relationship with that person? No, why? Because life just throws love at you when it’s time and when you further know yourself.
Now tell me, are you unhappy with yourself so much to the point that you can’t be alone? If so, do you really expect someone else to love who you are if you don’t even like who you are? All I’m saying is, if someone portrayed to me that they didn’t like who they were then I’m running the other way honey. I don’t like conceitedness but I like confidence. I want someone who can admit they are not perfect but that they like the person they are becoming. That way I know the person’s mind is in the right place about themselves.
I always have me. And I always have God. I don’t fear being lonely anymore because I will dedicate single times to myself. And I can’t think of a better way to do it.

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