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Infused and Enthused

      Hello Beautiful! Guess what? Through out this entire summer I have been drinking something I truly wish I started drinking a very long time ago. Everyday summer 2016 I have been drinking infused waters and I am extremely excited to share the benefits of this amazing water with anyone who doesn’t already know how amazing it is.
     Infused waters are when you allow fruits and herbs to soak in cold water to drink water even more beneficial to your health, and it taste great at the same time. Experts say that infused waters are a great way to gain nutrients without excess sugar, calories, and other things that aren’t very good for your health.  Also, infused waters can improve your mood, help food move through your system, fills you up so you won’t cheat on your diet, keeps your organs healthy while sweating, gives you a boost when you feel groggy in the afternoon, and so much more.
     Beauties, I have to say that after drinking the infused waters, I have noticed benefits of my own. My skin looked and felt amazing, the fine lines in my face were not as bad as before, my face was much brighter, I felt much more energized, and I truly enjoyed what I was putting into my body.
     The recipe I used was lemon, orange, and blueberries. Lemon aides in digestion, helps with acne, and it also cleanses your system. Oranges are a great source of vitamin c and calcium. Blueberries help with cholesterol and bone health. This is not the only recipe out there but this is what I chose to do for this summer. You can get creative and put together new recipes that work for you. Since school is coming back I am definitely going to create one for stress relief to drink during the semester and I’ll definitely share that with you guys as well. In the meantime, try the recipe mentioned earlier and use the directions on how to make infused water below. I love you Beauties xoxo- Derve

How to Make Infused Water

What you need:

-whatever herbs, spices, fruits, and veggies you want

-cool filtered water

-glass, or plastic container



-cut all ingredients into thin slices if possible then place into container

-Pour cool filtered water into container

-Let soak for a few hours then enjoy!



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