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Issa Rae went from a YouTube web series to having a network deal for her show Awkward Black Girl that is now on HBO called Insecure. I found this interview when looking for inspiration for the blog and then realized Issa Rae is goals. She did not listen to people who spoke negatively about her show. She did not give up when she did not have all the money to produce the show the way that she wanted. She did not know many people in the industry but none of that stopped her. She had a dream and vision and she achieved so much with that among many other things.

Issa Rae had issues being herself while growing up, what female has not had a few insecure phases, but now she says she is comfortable to be herself. She accepted that she was an awkward black girl and encouraged many other awkward black girls to be who they were with her show and her book The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl.

Also, Insecure was not her first network television deal. Issa had a deal with ABC but discovered that because she was trying to please everyone she lost her voice in the process. ABC passed on the final script, but this did not stop her either. Another door opened and she walked through it shaking hands with HBO execs and later developed Insecure.

I also love Issa Rae because she produces, writes, and stars in her own show all while rocking her natural hair! I hope she continues to do great things, and I hope her career continues to grow as she continues to rock her natural tresses. Issa Rae is truly #Goals.


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