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 Hello, Beauties! This month is a special month for me because January is my birth month.

2016 wasn’t the best year for me. I found that I wasn’t all that happy last year, and I wasn’t working to the best of my abilities. After reflecting on what the problems were, I was able to come up with a list of lessons learned. This list includes things to stop doing in life, and things to start doing in life to smile much more often while knowing that life will get difficult, but reminding myself of all these things will keep me going through those tough times.

  1. Be sure to evaluate all of those who are around you. Make sure you remind yourself that not everyone will be around forever. And if someone does leave your life, then it may be for the best.
  2. To stop feeling as if you are giving too much of yourself away and not receiving anything back in return then you either stop giving to those who aren’t giving you anything or continue to give not wanting to receive anything in return. The choice is yours.
  3. Stop being afraid of taking leaps. If you don’t, you will not move forward. Decide which leaps you are going to take and remember that you will land on your feet in the name of Jesus, and you will learn something ultimately.
  4. You can only see the fruit of your labor if you work as hard as a farmer. What harvest will you have if you didn’t sow any seeds? WORK SMART and WORK HARD. Take a break and treat yourself when needed.
  5. Don’t you dare let anyone put limits on your life. Believe in yourself and put in the work to achieve your dreams.
  6. Success is not everything. Helping people and maintaining genuine love around you is what is most important in life. Reminding yourself of that will keep you from losing sight of yourself.
  7. Listen to the active voice in your head the first time and then Thank God for having your back and loving you so much, always to give you a warning or message.
  8. Losing your mother has put a gaping hole in my heart. A void that I was unsure will ever be filled, but I know for sure that it will be filled with love from elsewhere.
  9. When you are feeling lonely, the worst thing to do is sit and think about how lonely you are in a room by yourself. Kill that illusion and try to surround yourself with the ones who love you, and if that can’t happen then remind yourself just how much you are loved. Keep your mind away from the solitude.
  10. Fear will die once you create its homicide

I thank God for another year, and I also thank him for keeping me despite my sins. I am now living my 21st hour, and it shall be great. Thank you for reading Beautiful. I hope your year is a blessed one.

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