My Love is too… to have Thrown back on my Face

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Hey Beauties!

While looking for inspiration for the blog I came across this movie clip from For Colored Girls and was instantly reminded of why I loved this movie so much. I decided to write down 5 reasons why my love should not be thrown back in my face.

  1. My love is too Large to be thrown back on my face.
  2. My love is too Vital to be thrown back on my face.
  3. My love is too Fierce to be thrown back on my face.
  4. My love is too Melodic to be thrown back on my face.
  5. My love is too Fun to be thrown back on my face.

I am too large, vital, fierce, melodic, and fun to have my love thrown back in my face so anyone who wants me better be ready to love and respect me! I had so much fun writing this :). And I am not going to lie, I definitely thought of a couple people who did me wrong while I was doing it. But doing this also helped me define a part of myself. I wrote down on paper the kind of love I want to give to people. I also wrote down why people should not disrespect the love I give to them.


I hope you enjoy the video Beauties, and most importantly I hope you know why your love should not be messed with.



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