Self Love Campaign

Hey guys! If you have been following the blog you should know that BeautySpeaks is all about loving yourself. I was thinking about new things to do for the blog and thought about this love yourself campaign. So this is how it goes:

  1. Be sure you are subscribed to the blog and you have liked our Facebook page at facebook.com/whatbeautyspeaks
  2. Write down what you love most about yourself.
  3. Videotape yourself holding the sign and be sure to show off your personality in the video then send it to whatbeautyspeaks@gmail.com
  4. Come back to the blog on Valentines day February 15th to check out the video for the love myself campaign.
  5. Share the link to the video on all your social media sites and with everyone you know.

I truly hope everyone of you who are subscribed submit a video to help BeautySpeaks encourage other people to see the things within themselves that they should love.  Until next time loves. xoxo- Derve Jay

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