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Hello, Beauties! I haven’t talked to you guys in a little while because my computer is broken. (Sad face) But I have truly missed you guys, and I wanted to talk to you about something that has been running through my mind.
I’ve realized that as females, once we catch feelings for someone, most of us can’t wait to show someone how great our love can be. We look forward to showering our significant other with love so good that they won’t be able to fathom how a person could love like that.
Well, I have also realized that sometimes, especially with situationships on the rise, that we do girlfriend things for someone we are not in a relationship with. And that may be because we have already decided in our heads that “He and I are basically in a relationship and he can’t talk to anyone else.” And now that you have convinced yourself that you and that person are “basically in a relationship” you are willing to do all these girlfriend things forgetting that he is not officially yours.

First, let’s talk about what those “girlfriend things” are. Well, girlfriend things can vary from female to female. It’s all the things that you are willing to do for your boyfriend. Now, some may say what the point of distinguishing what I’m willing to do for someone who is my boyfriend compared to someone I’m just getting to know is. Well, for example, buying a $300 gift for someone I don’t have a title with is a no no. Anything you do that you deem as being amazing may not be the thing or act that someone who has yet to commit to you deserves. You have to decide for yourself what you are willing to give. Personally, please don’t ask me to cook, clean, or any domestic work of any kind if you are not committed to me. Please do not ask me to borrow money all the time if you are not committed to me.

Now, you may be wondering why I have established what my girlfriend things are. I have given my love to people in the past who were not ready for it. And when I say love, I mean much more than just sex. I’m talking about my “girlfriend things.” I gave them away to people who didn’t deserve it, and in the end, I felt as if I did not receive anything in return. I felt unappreciated and a little used. But I have realized that my love is so special because it is mine. It is mine to give away. It is mine to keep. It is mine to decide who is worthy. Don’t you want to give your love away to someone who deserves it? Not someone who is going to serve you lemons on a silver platter after you have done everything to make them happy. Well, grab those lemons, make some lemonade, then go and drink it with someone else. Someone who’s boyfriend things are worthy of your girlfriend things. Beauties! We demand reciprocity. My love is better than any diamond in its rarity. So if your boyfriend things don’t match my girlfriend things, then please do not expect to receive my astounding, elegantly refined girlfriend things.

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