Watch how you Talk to Her

beauty speaks music

Words are powerful. That’s probably why most of us grew up hearing “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” I’d like to share this song as a reminder that we must watch how we talk to the women in our community. I’m talking about the way you talked to the girl who refused to give you her number, your mother who worked a double shift to make sure you have food to eat, or maybe the cashier who is ringing you up. No matter what a woman is wearing or what she does for a living, all women should be addressed with respect. We are all human and we remember what people say to us, but we remember even more so how those words made us feel. You don’t know what that woman is going through so instead of saying something to her that may make her feel more depressed or oppressed, say something to remind her that she is safe and loved. I hope you listen and enjoy the song Beauties, and I hope you like and share this as well. And most importantly, let us all watch how we talk to our women especially if you have made a commitment to love and keep her.

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