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There are many people who believe that a woman gets raped because of what she wears. Clothing is a form of self expression. I don’t think anyone chooses an outfit in hopes someone will force them to have sex. I want to ask everyone who thinks that people get raped based off of what they wear why pedophilia exists? I want to ask them why molestation happens? Why sodomy happens, and I’ll even ask them why bestiality happens? I want to ask them why men are raped, and yes it is possible for a man to get raped too. And after asking all this, I wonder if they would continue to say that it’s because of what people wear. I’m sure 4 year old Sarah’s mom said let’s put these bows in your hair and let’s wear this dress so a man can find you and rape you.

People continue to condition others to believe that clothing and sense of style lead to rape. Rape is manipulation, force, violation, shame and fear so bad that 60% of rapes are unreported to the police.

Rape is also very ugly and uncomfortable. Rape comes along with much pain. As humans, often times we need to know the truth about things because we need to know who or what is at fault. It makes understanding things easier and we use blame as a crutch at times to make coping easier. But when it comes to rape, we blame the wrong things sometimes and that’s why rape culture continues to be such a terrible thing around the world. I refuse to blame clothes for rape because this problem is much deeper than that.

If everyone stopped dressing revealing would that end rape? If your answer was no, then you are admitting that would not be a solution. Well, if that can’t be the solution then it can’t be the root of the problem either.

We need to stop conditioning people to believe that what you wear causes rape and start teaching people that rape is wrong no matter what. We have to stop allowing people to think that if you are scantily clad “she wants it.” When we allow clothes and other unworthy things to take the blame for something so horrific then we are handing over a sad excuse to these rapists. The clothes we wear do not commit the crime and violation that is rape. PEOPLE commit the crime and violation that is rape.


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